What did you do to meet friends at UConn your first year at the Storrs Campus?

When I first came to UConn, I had no friends because all of my friends from high school stayed in New York for college. My first friends here were my two roommates. They already knew people here since they both lived in Connecticut. Everyone was introduced to one another, and we all went to the block party during the UConn Week of Welcome together. I also went to my first UConn soccer game with them! It was a fun and exciting experience. As the semester went on, however, the group separated itself since classes had started and everyone lived far apart. I soon became great friends with the people in my English course. It was a small class of around twenty students, so everyone was able to get to know one another. Almost all of us lived in the same dorm building as well, so it was easy to keep in touch. Living in a Learning Community has given me the opportunity to become friends with some of the greatest people at UConn.

~ Vincci Ho