What do you recommend to do over the summer to get ready for your first semester on-campus at Uconn?

A-Adjust. College is all about change, change, change. You should begin thinking about how your living situation is going to change, how your academic schedule will change, and likely how your friend group will change too. Adjusting and being flexible and open to change is an important part of preparing for and surviving college.

B-Balance. Work, school, and a social life are just a few facets of college life you will need to balance. Begin prioritizing your academics by laying out your schedule with a planner or semester at a glance calendar. Remember you will need to balance work and play but will have time for both! You should also think about if you will be spending time at home, having visitors, etc and make sure such visits don’t interfere with your class schedule. Finding balance at college is essential to maintaining good grades and a healthy social life.

C-Communicate. This one is relevant in many ways. Before leaving for college, talk to friends and family who have been before and ask them questions! Also, if you have been assigned a roommate it might be worthwhile to communicate with them over the summer to plan your living arrangements. Finally, remember to communicate with yourself and be honest about what you need. There is a huge support network at UConn full of professionals who are willing to help you with whatever struggles you may have!

~ Matthew Brush