Vincci Ho

Vincci Vincci is a junior undergraduate student working towards a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and a minor in Psychology, aiming to pursue a career in Human Resources. She is an out-of-state student from New York and is currently living in Holcomb Hall of the East Campus Residence Hall community. For her first two years at UConn, she lived in Belden Hall, one of the four buildings of the Alumni Quadrangle, and was heavily involved in the Business Connections Learning Community. She has experience living in traditional-styled single, double, and triple dorm rooms as well as on both co-ed and same-sex floors. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact her!.

Ask Me About…

  • Living in Traditional Style Housing
  • Living in a Learning Community
  • Living on a Co-ed Floor
  • Living on a Same-Sex Floor
  • Participating in a Room Change Process