What is your favorite thing about living on-campus at UConn – Maggie Luongo

My favorite thing about living on campus at UConn is being part of such a vibrant and friendly college community. Having commuted to the school I attended before transferring to UConn, I can really compare college commuter life to residential life. Living on campus is very convenient for getting to class and other places quickly and on time. In relation to that, I am part of two clubs at UConn that meet in the evenings. At my previous school, clubs also almost always met in the evenings so commuting made it very difficult for me to be a part of any clubs there. I feel much more connected to the campus community and have met more people because of the advantage of being right here and being able to be involved in clubs and other events taking place in the evenings and on weekends.
Another thing I love about living on campus is all of the places there are to go at UConn. An advantage to living at a large school is that there are always events taking place around campus and there are so many places to study, eat or meet up with friends…getting bored is never a concern! I have definitely felt much more connected to the campus and the other students at UConn than I ever achieved as a commuter student at my other school. Fully being a part of such a fantastic community and getting to take advantage of everything happening on such an active campus are my favorite things about living on campus at UConn.