About ResLife Ambassadors

Welcome to the Residential Life Student Ambassador Webpage. This website is dedicated to providing current students, prospective students and their support systems student perspectives about living on campus.

With that being said we have established a group of current students living on campus called Res Life Ambassadors. These ambassadors are here to help you get a better feeling for what it is like to live on campus. If you have a policy or procedure question you should email livingoncampus@uconn.edu, but if you want to hear about someone’s experience this is the website for you. They are all current undergraduate students who live on campus and have had personal experience in different situations.

So if you are wondering what it is like to go through a room change, work a situation out with a roommate, live in traditional style housing vs. non-traditional style housing, be part of a learning community or other questions they can give you their perspective. So go ahead and ask them, they will be able to share their opinion and some tips to help make living on campus the best experience possible for you or your student. Visit their bio so that you can read all about their areas of experience.